Who we are

We have put our core values at the heart of Poliglobe's business:
We deliver consistent quality, aim to add value, appreciate others for their work;

we are friendly, respectful and kind and try to exceed expectations.
And to always keep these promises.



Nicoleta Popa

Founder & Operations Manager

Once I discovered the translation industry, I was fascinated by it.

I thought it would be easy to tackle, from my job as a Project Manager for my former employers (other translation agencies), and because I liked this industry so much. 

What I didn't like was that none of my recommendations for improving workflow or procedure were acknowledged by my managers. 

So I wanted more freedom, to do more than my former employers have allowed me to do in their businesses: I knew there was room for improvement.

Every book I read taught me that growth depends on your mindset.

In January 2014, I left my job as a Project Manager to start my own business. I was ready to follow my own goals.

And so, Poliglobe was born with this mission: always provide trustworthy, high-quality translation services. This remains our core value today.

Poliglobe started very small, with no investors, just a laptop and big dreams. I had the know-how to develop simpler mechanisms for setting up the business, operating procedures and project workflow.

I also needed discipline, time and determination to avoid compromising translations quality, even though this meant fewer projects at the beginning.

But Poliglobe's organic growth has paid off. Poliglobe's professionalism and rigorous quality have built our clients’ trust in us.



Florin Popa

Associate & Project Manager


I was working as a Customisation Team Leader at Procter & Gamble when Poliglobe was founded.

In 2017, I joined Poliglobe and with Nicoleta we decided to develop Poliglobe as a family business.

Even though I had worked in the FMCG industry, which is completely different from the translation industry, my experience with the type of procedures and systems used at Poliglobe meant I could adapt quickly to Poliglobe's business requirements.

In 2018, we developed PoliglobeTMS, our internal translation management system, to digitalize Poliglobe's processes.

PoliglobeTMS is designed to streamline workflow and power-up our productivity by eliminating 70% of the manual processes. 

From the start, we have been lucky enough to choose who to work with. And along the way, we've met many clients and translators, some of whom have gone on to become friends.

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